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Merck KGaA (MRK:GR)
update Mar 27
103.30 +0.69 (+0.67%)
High 104.35
Low 102.05
Open 102.90
Volume 457091
Time Mar 27
intra-day chart
High 107.00
Low 56.07
P/E 39.13
Return +70.86%
Mkt Cap 44.913 B
one year chart
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Company Profile
Merck KGaA is a global pharmaceutical and chemicals company. The Company researches drugs in the areas oncology and neurodegenerative as well as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Also, it markets cardiovascular, fertility, endocrinology, and over-the-counter products as well as products for flat screens and the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, packaging, and coatings.