Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI Index (KOSPI:IND)
update Jan 23
1,936.09 +15.27 (+0.79%)
High 1,945.36
Low 1,930.65
Open 1,945.36
Volume 367702016
Time Jan 23
intra-day chart
High 2,093.08
Low 1,876.27
P/E 29.61
Return -0.05%
Mkt Cap 1163340.928 B
one year chart
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Index Profile
The KOSPI Index is a capitalization-weighted index of all common shares on the Korean Stock Exchanges. The Index was developed with a base value of 100 as of January 4, 1980. Note: The preferred shares are excluded in calculating the KOSPI Index from June 14, 2002. Volume on quote line is in 000's. See PEKS index DES for KOSPI2 P/E from Korea Stock Exchange including negative earnings.