BREAKING NEWS: ICICI Shares Fall to Six-Month Low as Bad Loans Dog Earnings

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Straits Times Index STI (FSSTI:IND)
update 05:10
3,515.85 +2.85 (+0.08%)
High 3,521.99
Low 3,506.65
Open 3,510.76
Volume 234190
Time 05:10
intra-day chart
High 3,549.85
Low 3,149.91
P/E 15.57
Return +11.38%
Mkt Cap 573.904 B
one year chart
Index Profile
The revamped Straits Times Index, calculated and disseminated by FTSE, comprises the top 30 SGX Mainboard listed companies on the Singapore Exchange selected by full market capitalization. The index was revamped effective January 10, 2008. ** To see the old Straits Times Index prior to reconstruction please see STIOLD Index.